Grumpy Goat Coffee Offers the Sumatra Blend

At the 2016 Africa Fine Coffee Association (AFCA) Conference in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, AFCA and Twin hosted the Gender and Coffee Summit, a special series of discussions where coffee producers and suppliers could touch on issues within the industry and work on curbing them.

It’s a lesser known battle, but a battle nonetheless. Many western producers are unaware of the disparity between gender and coffee suppliers. For example, female farmers account for 70% of agricultural labor in East Africa yet they only access 15% of income and only 20% own land.

To fight the incongruence of the coffee culture, programs are sprouting up all over the world to support women and give producers the opportunity to become distributors.

Grumpy Goat Coffee is proud to offer our latest Sumatra blend from La Bodega. Solely produced by those in the Women Coffee Producer Program, this blend is paid directly to the association of producers.

Grumpy Goat WP Sumatra

According to La Bodega,

“There are a total of 282 producers that contributed coffee to this specific lot, all of whom are women. These women either own, or manage a farm of an average area of 1.5 hectares. The Item Reje Gayo cooperative works with this group of women producers, helping to educate in terms of production practices, and overseeing the application of a premium that was included in the purchase of this coffee.”

So, what’s the premium and where is it going? At the village meeting, the majority vote chose to use the premium to purchase new tools for their craft. The premiums will be used to purchase essential items such as, shovels, hoes, saws, and shears. This program, and others like it, are integral to the future of a sustainable coffee industry.