About Grinding Coffee

Most people choose the convenience of ground coffee. After all, it’s available everywhere and easy to load into the coffee maker. However, it is worth noting that ground coffee expires at a faster rate than whole bean coffee. While Grumpy Goat Coffee provides you the freshest coffee possible, and the fresher your coffee, the more flavor you will experience in your cup when it’s brewed. Grinding coffee just before it’s brewed is critical to ensuring the freshest cup of coffee every time…but don’t worry, we are still happy to provide you with ground coffee.

We strive to share our passion of coffee with you, therefore we want our customers to understand the two main types of coffee grinders, each with pros and cons of each. There are also the various grind types that will be explained.


The Two Types of Coffee Bean Grinders

There are two main kinds of coffee bean grinders made for home use: the “coffee mill” sometimes called the burr grinder, and the more common propeller grinder. We at Grumpy Goat Coffee use the Bunn G3 commercial grinder, which is a burr grinder.

The burr grinder grinds the