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Grumpy Goat’s Award-Winning Coffee Rubbed Pulled Pork Recipe

Team Grumpy Goat took 2nd Place at the First Annual Bonita Spring EggFest, sponsored by the Big Green Egg, with our pulled pork recipe!The Grumpy Goat team thought long and hard about what we’d be preparing for the event. After a…


6 Steps to Make French Press Coffee

6 Steps to Make French Press Coffee While there are many coffee-brewing methods, the French press is one of the best. Not only does it turn out a great product, but it’s simple to get started (even if you’re a…


3 Brilliant Tips to Improve Your Coffee Experience

3 Brilliant Tips to Improve Your Coffee Experience64 percent of Americans have at least one cup of coffee every day. While there are a fair few who grab their caffeine fix from the drive-thru window at Starbucks and local coffee…


5 Best Used Coffee Ground Hacks

5 BEST USED COFFEE GROUND HACKS Did you know that on an average day, Americans consume approximately 400 million cups of coffee! Whoa, bananas! That’s about $4 billion dollars worth of caffeine every year. That’s a lot of coffee, but even more…


Goat on a Boat: Get Your Goat Hat…Spring Break is Gonna be Lit!

Get Your Goat Hat…Spring Break is Gonna be Lit! That big, bright, burning, benevolent sun is beckoning us all away from our offices and into the wondrous world of pleasure, paradise, and piña coladas. Spring break 2018 is going be…


Your Modern Cupid in Disguise

Your Modern Cupid in Disguise “Coffee dates” are synonymous with good company and even better conversation. But, what is it about that bittersweet liquid that inspires us to be bold, creative, and confident? Grumpy Goat Coffee is exploring the intricate…


Dissolving the Myths of Decaf Coffee

Dissolving the Myths of Decaf Coffee Has stigma and fear of an undrinkable cup of coffee kept you from brewing a pot of decaf for yourself or guests? Grumpy Goat Coffee is separating fact from fiction and settling the debate…


Does Coffee Go Bad?

Does Coffee Go Bad? Ever wondered how long a good batch of coffee can last? Grumpy Goat reveals the facts on whether or not coffee goes bad, along with the secret to creating the perfect brew. Ever found yourself looking…


What is Bulletproof Coffee?

What Is Bulletproof Coffee?For the past several years, coffee has moved from coffee shop chains to refined, carefully chosen roasters. Reminiscent of the craft beer boom, coffee is not just a hot cup you have have in the morning, it’s…


A Match Made in Heaven

A Match Made In HeavenIt’s no wonder so many people equate honey to the elixir of life. Honey’s immortality is down to a harmonious blend of Hydrogen peroxide, acidity and its lack of water. Put them together and you get…


Grumpy Goat Coffee Offers New Sumatra Blend

Grumpy Goat Coffee Offers the Sumatra Blend At the 2016 Africa Fine Coffee Association (AFCA) Conference in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, AFCA and Twin hosted the Gender and Coffee Summit, a special series of discussions where coffee producers and suppliers…