Why Grumpy Goat Coffee

Grumpy Goat Coffee focuses on sourcing the highest quality green beans available. In order to do this, we focus solely on single origin and regional select green beans and source our beans from providers that follow SCAA standard cupping protocols.
There are several aspects of the coffee that are evaluated when cupping a particular coffee.

  • Fragrance/Aroma; tested in the dry and wet coffee grounds
  • Taste, Aftertaste, Acidity; how lively and bright is the coffee
  • Body; how weighty is the coffee on your palate
  • Sweetness, Balance; does everything work well together?
  • Overall impression of the coffee; does it have everything that you expect/is there anything missing?
  • Additionally, we look for flavor defects in the coffee. Defects are negative flavors that take away from the quality of the coffee and can arise at really any point in the coffee cycle: wet processing, milling, while in transit from origin, etc.

All of these categories are represented on our cupping form.
The final score that the coffee receives should be between 80 and 100 points and Grumpy Goat Coffee only purchases coffees that score in the mid 80’s or higher.