A Match Made In Heaven

It’s no wonder so many people equate honey to the elixir of life. Honey’s immortality is down to a harmonious blend of Hydrogen peroxide, acidity and its lack of water. Put them together and you get a sticky substance that will last a lifetime and beyond.

In ancient times, honey was a gift from the gods. Its seemingly eternal nature thought to hold the key to immortality.

In fact, when archaeologists stumbled on 3,000 year old honey pots in an Egyptian tomb, it was incredulously still edible.

Honey is still used in almost anything you can imagine; cosmetics, medicine, food, even fuel. We, however, predominantly use it as a sweetener.

Honey has become a staple for most diets; healthy, delicious, and surprisingly nutritious. As we shift into a happier and healthier society, Grumpy Goat Coffee would like to offer a little challenge.

Trade sugar for honey the next time you grab a cup of coffee! Honey is healthy, versatile, and oh, so sweet!

Wait, my coffee?!

We understand it’s not a traditionally natural pairing whereas “Honey & Tea” seem to flow and fit seamlessly. However, honey is a surprisingly tasty addition to a fresh cup of Joe!

Unconvinced? Perhaps we can tempt you…