Does Coffee Go Bad?

Ever wondered how long a good batch of coffee can last? Grumpy Goat reveals the facts on whether or not coffee goes bad, along with the secret to creating the perfect brew.

Ever found yourself looking at a forgotten bag of coffee in the cupboard and wondering, “Does coffee go bad?” Let us go ahead and cut to the chase: the answer is yes.

Coffee may feel like a blessing from the gods above, but these precious beans are not immortal. Coffee can and does go bad. Before you go and buy another batch of brew, let Grumpy Goat teach you how to identify bad coffee and what you can do to preserve it. These tips will come in handy as you’re choosing between beans and grounds, as well as how to store them.

Trust us on this… The more you know, the less grumpy you’ll be in the morning.

To me, the smell of fresh-made coffee 

is one of the greatest inventions.

— Hugh Jackman

Rule Number One: Freshness Matters

Like just about any food or drink on the market, coffee has an expiration.  As the compounds inside your coffee start to breakdown, the flavor and aroma change, which is why freshness matters.

Peak flavor, which is the prime time to drink your coffee, is typically shortly after the batch has been roasted. In an ideal world, we would roast, ground, and prepare each cup prior to drinking.

However, few of us have that leisure. So when it comes to your java, how do you ensure the best cup for your buck? The answer lies in the quality and freshness of the batch you buy.

For example, Grumpy Goat Coffee roasts coffee several times a week, ensuring that what you purchase has been roasted within the last couple of days. Compare our batch to other coffee that has been sitting on a shelf weeks or months after it was packaged, and you will both smell and taste the difference.

By significantly reducing the time between roast and purchase, you not only extend the life of your coffee, but you also experience the enhanced aroma and flavor that makes a premium cup of coffee so enjoyable.

How to Store Your Coffee

The lifespan of your coffee depends on how fresh it was when you purchased it, as well as how you store it. Ideally, the best approach is to buy your coffee in freshly roasted, smaller batch; one that will last about a couple of weeks to a month, at most.

If you want to get the most out of your coffee, buy a fresh batch in a smaller package; one that will last a couple of weeks to a month.

However, certain single origin coffees are seasonal, and you may want to save them for special occasions. In cases like these, you’ll want to preserve the coffee beans or grounds the best you can.

To help you preserve the flavor and aroma of these seasonal favorites, you’ll want to employ some best practices.

Preserving Coffee: How to Make a Great Taste Last

There are a few commonly known methods to preserving coffee, but not all of these approaches are optimal. Some, like freezing coffee beans or grounds, can actually zap its flavor if stored incorrectly, leaving you with a dull taste.

In order to get the most out of your coffee, make sure that you:

  • Store it in an opaque, airtight container
  • Place the container in a dark, cool location
  • Keep it away from heat, light, and moisture
  • Store at room temperature

That means keeping it away from appliances like your stove or toaster oven, and avoiding countertops near windows that can bathe the container in sunlight. If you must freeze your coffee, make sure you do so in an airtight container to prevent freezer burn.

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