Does Coffee Go Bad?

Ever wondered how long a good batch of coffee can last? Grumpy Goat reveals the facts on whether or not coffee goes bad, along with the secret to creating the perfect brew.

Ever found yourself looking at a forgotten bag of coffee in the cupboard and wondering, “Does coffee go bad?” Let us go ahead and cut to the chase: the answer is yes.

Coffee may feel like a blessing from the gods above, but these precious beans are not immortal. Coffee can and does go bad. Before you go and buy another batch of brew, let Grumpy Goat teach you how to identify bad coffee and what you can do to preserve it. These tips will come in handy as you’re choosing between beans and grounds, as well as how to store them.

Trust us on this… The more you know, the less grumpy you’ll be in the morning.

To me, the smell of fresh-made coffee 

is one of the greatest inventions.

— Hugh Jackman