Dissolving the Myths of Decaf Coffee

Has stigma and fear of an undrinkable cup of coffee kept you from brewing a pot of decaf for yourself or guests? Grumpy Goat Coffee is separating fact from fiction and settling the debate surrounding decaf coffee.

Few debates are as heated—literally—as the one between regular and decaf coffee.

We’ll admit that until we did the research, asked the hard questions and spoke with devout decaf drinkers, we had fallen victim to the stereotype that decaf coffee was inferior and wasn’t worth drinking. However, we are here set the record straight.

The truth is, there’s nothing wrong with indulging yourself with decaf coffee. It simply depends on where you buy your coffee from.
For years, decaf coffee has had the unfortunate reputation as being somehow less-than a piping hot cup of fuel.

The truth is that most decaf coffee is less than stellar, however not all decaf coffee fall underneath the subpar category. Like any kind of coffee, finding the right provider makes all the difference.

“I have measured out my life with coffee spoons.”

— T. S. Eliot

What is Decaf Coffee?

To understand the myths, you need to understand the process.

We all know that decaf refers to the elimination of caffeine, but did you know that the decaffeination process has a huge role in overall taste? When coffee providers rush the decaffeination process they’re left with subpar coffee.

Well, we have high standards and that s@#! doesn’t fly with us!

We will only offer decaffeinated coffee from documented processes that are refined and perfected for a cup of decaf that actually tastes like coffee.

The coffee beans we buy are fully documented, single origin beans that are then sorted and prepared for the steam bath for half an hour to open their pores. This is the first step in caffeine extraction.

The coffee is then placed in a water and Ethyl Acetate (E.A.) solution. E.A. sounds a little scary but don’t worry, it’s a naturally occurring compound borne from the sugarcane fermentation process.

When the beans are placed in the water and E.A. solution, the caffeine salts naturally bond with the E.A., allowing the caffeine to be extracted. After saturation, the tank is drained and replaced with a fresh solution and repeated for 8 hours.

Lastly, once all caffeine is removed, our decaf coffee is prepped, steamed to remove any traces of E.A., dried, polished, and ready for shipment to the roasters.

Pretty neat, huh!

“I believe that everyone deserves a great cup of coffee, which is why we have invested time, effort and resources to ensure that those that don’t want or need caffeine can still experience what we do at Grumpy Goat Coffee.”

Brian Abernathy, Owner of Grumpy Goat Coffee

Is Drinking Decaf Okay?

When the consumer knows the source of the beans and the decaffeination process, it most certainly is!

The stigma surrounding decaf coffee is ludicrous. There are plenty of reasons coffee drinkers reach for decaf. For some it’s health related reasons, for others it’s the coffee craving without the need or desire for a burst of energy.

If your craving a quality cup of coffee but have met your limit of caffeine for the day, don’t hesitate to reach out for a cup of decaf. Heck, even if you’re not quite sure what you need, there is a reason why people order half-caff. Don’t be shy.

How to Find Quality Decaf Among the Garbage

Referring to most decaf coffee as “garbage” might be kind of harsh but the truth is most providers have a poor selection of decaffeinated coffees and don’t put the time and effort into ensuring that their decaf offerings are up to par or roasted to your liking.

What sets Grumpy Goat Coffee’s decaf coffee apart from the rest? It’s simple, traceability and quality.

Most coffee providers choose decaf in what we refer to as “spot” purchasing—they buy decaf with little to no understanding on where the coffee was sourced and how it was decaffeinated. This leads to the watered down, weak bodied, poor tasting cup most people associate with decaf.

Not us! We select our beans to ensure quality in production, preparation, and of course, taste. We treat our decaf coffee with the same care as our regular choices. Try a cup of our decaf, roasted to your preference and we guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.

Ready to be a coffee connoisseur? Learn more about how to brew the perfect cup of coffee and experience the best cup of decaf coffee you’ve ever had!