Grumpy Goat Coffee believes there’s benefits to high-quality bean. After all, every palate differs. Where one cup may be bitter and harsh to one individual, it may be the caffeine kick someone else needs.

Arabica and Robusta beans are a couple of the most popular beans but many use them in tandem with one another when they couldn’t be further apart. We’ve laid out the differences between each

Production: In terms of ease, Robusta beans are the easiest to grow due to their durability. Robusta beans can grow at lower altitudes and can withstand insects, pests, and adverse weather conditions. Arabica beans on the other hand require higher altitudes and are more susceptible to weather and pests.

Taste: Arabica beans are known for a softer taste, akin to fruit and sugar. The acidity of the bean is higher than its Robusta counterpart and is celebrated for being more complex in flavor without being bitter while Robusta beans are low-quality and bitter, resulting in a subpar cup of coffee.

Due to the low-cost of growing Robusta beans, they are often what one would find in the coffee aisle at the grocery store. Their growth in low altitudes results in a bitter, stronger taste that many connoisseurs find unpalatable. Coffee brewed with Robusta beans is typically a harsh blend with a nutty aftertaste.

So, what’s the big difference in Arabica and Robusta? Quality. Arabica beans may be tough to grow but careful, concise conditions lead to a burst of flavor in your coffee cup. At Grumpy Goat Coffee, we believe that quality is worth the care and upkeep it takes to brew a truly incredible cup of coffee. That’s why we always—and only—choose Arabica beans.