Believe it or not, iced coffee and cold brew is not interchangeable. While both are dedicated to some seriously cold coffee, they could not be more different.

Iced Coffee
Iced coffee is the simpler of the two and probably what you think of when you think of cold coffee. Brewed like any other morning, this hot coffee is chilled down in the fridge or freezer and then poured over ice and Voila! Iced coffee! Iced Coffee is a simple way to enjoy your favorite origins even when you think it is too hot out for coffee! In fact, some afternoons (especially in southwest Florida) can be made even more enjoyable with some freshly roasted Grumpy Goat Colombian Dark Roast over some cool, refreshing ice. Try it out and make sure to tag us on Instagram!

Cold Brew
Cold brew on the other hand is coffee that’s steeped in room temperature for 18-24 hours. Once steeped, the grounds are filtered out for a clean, cool glass of coffee. The biggest difference between iced coffee and cold brew is that cold brew coffee is never exposed to heat during its process, thus reducing the acidity.

Nitro Cold Brew
Cold brews have become such a trend that nitro coffee was invented in 2013 by Nate Armbrust, a food scientist from Portland, Oregon. This nitrogen-infused brew not only keeps your caffeinated beverage cool, it also affects its texture, resulting in a creamy, full-bodied mouthful. The primary difference between nitro coffee and it’s cooler counterparts is its brewing method. Nitro cold brew is created when the coffee base is infused with nitrogen. This element is what gives the brew it’s creamy head, making your coffee look reminiscent of Guinness.