Grumpy Goat Coffee is not just committed to good coffee—we’re committed to great coffee. That’s why we hold our supply to the highest of standards.

When the idea of the Grumpy Goat Coffee Company was just a seedling of an idea, one thing rang true. If this company was to come to fruition, then the coffee must be superb, full-bodied beans that are grown in high altitudes, 100% Arabica, and full traceable.

“Fully traceable means that I know where the beans are coming from.” says Grumpy Goat owner, Brian Abernathy. “I know when they are harvested, when they’re sent to the washing station, when they’re set afloat. I know if they have certifications like USDA certified organic, Fair Trade Organic, Bird Friendly, Women Produced, etc.

Single origin coffee is similar to wine in the sense that soil, weather, and the region plays a crucial role in the flavor profile of the bean. Grumpy Goat scoured to find the perfect coffee bean for the best cup of coffee. Brian found the perfect bean in a fully traceable, sustainable westen coffee producer that is dedicated to the care and compassion it takes to grow and nurture the right coffee bean.

At long last, Grumpy Goat Coffee found its taste. The result? Delicious, dare we say addicting, Arabica beans from a variety of medium and dark roasts!

Trust us, this is coffee you have to try yourself…