Your Modern Cupid in Disguise

“Coffee dates” are synonymous with good company and even better conversation. But, what is it about that bittersweet liquid that inspires us to be bold, creative, and confident? Grumpy Goat Coffee is exploring the intricate role coffee plays in our personal relationships, and digging into the science behind our bodily reaction to those delicious roasted beans.

It begins with a subtle intoxication of a lovely, unmistakable aroma. Then, your tongue tickles with undeniable excitement. The steamy liquid touches your lips, travels down the length of your throat, and nestles a fuzzy warmth in the depth of the heart. You wonder, how could a drink leave you thirsty for more?

A cup of coffee is not simply for the quiet writer on a rainy day—the one in a dark sweater, sitting by the window, staring out longingly at the puddles of rain in the parking lot.

Coffee has become the pinnacle for modern day relationships. How many times have you heard, “Want to grab a cup of coffee?” It’s the go-to invite of the social-savvy millennial.

Coffee is as much a carefully crafted drink, as it is a social tool for thriving in a modern day dating age.

Can coffee improve my love life?

In short, yes.

Let’s face it, first meetings can be intimidating, scary, awkward, and down-right stressful! Anything that lightens the blow of a first meeting is greatly appreciated.

Coffee is the hidden wingman you’ve been searching for. Coffee contains caffeine [i.e. 1-3-7-trimethylpurine-2-6-dione] which, beyond preventing headaches, is able to scare away irritability, depression, or mental fogginess.

According to The World Journal of Biological Psychiatry, coffee contains properties which vastly improve coffee drinkers lives like providing mental clarity, increasing alertness, and improving long-term memory.

Pretty powerful stuff, huh? But wait, there’s more…