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Bonita Springs Grumpy Goat is Featured in The News-Press

“There wasn’t much of a coffee scene here, especially coming from the Minneapolis area. I really missed that.” Owner and founder of Grumpy Goat, Brian Abernathy tells The News-Press.

Artis Henderson from The News-Press sat down with Brian to discuss coffee, what sets Grumpy Goat apart from the Starbucks’ of the world, and how southwest Florida residents and visitors can enjoy local food and drink every Wednesday at Purple Spoon in Bonita Springs.

Brian Abernathy saw a need in Bonita Springs for quality roasted coffee. Tired of subpar roasts, Abernathy took it upon himself to freshly roast bags of coffee from fully traceable and single origin beans.

“Fully traceable means that I know where the beans are coming from. I know when they are harvested, when they’re sent to the washing station, when they’re set afloat. I know if they have certifications like USDA certified organic fair trade. In terms of single origin, it’s a lot like wine. I know the regions, I know the altitudes, I know the varietals that make up the coffee I bring in.”

At Grumpy Goat, coffee is an art. Every bean is roasted with care and compassion, resulting in rich flavors that keep you thirsty for more!

Read all about how Grumpy Goat is introducing Bonita Springs to freshly-roasted, single origin coffee! Check out the article!

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