The short answer is: all roasts typically have nearly equal amounts of caffeine. The difference lies in the beans’ origination, how it’s brewed, and how big your coffee cup is.

While the aroma of a big, bold cup of coffee can help in shaking you awake in the morning, it doesn’t mean it has more caffeine. Alternatively, just because you are drinking a light roast doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to get that extra boost of caffeine either.

The biggest factor in the caffeine content of your coffee is going to be the weight to water ratio. So when you various coffee packaging and it is touting high caffeine, take a look at what their suggested serving is (tablespoons per cup, weight to water ratio, etc).

A good rule of thumb is if you want more caffeine, scoop out a healthier portion.

Now, there is a caffeine difference depending on how you’re creating your perfect cup of coffee. According to the National Coffee Association, in terms of caffeine per ounce, espresso, Nitro Cold Brew coffee, and drip coffee are among the brewing methods with the highest amount of caffeine. But again, this is primarily due to the amount of coffee being used relative to the amount of water used during the brew process.

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