As you already know, water is a primary ingredient in any good cup of coffee. 

When you combine high-quality water with the best coffee grounds, you end up with a cup of coffee that not only tastes good but also gives off an intoxicating aroma.

While many people think long and hard about the coffee grounds they purchase, most never consider the water they use. Doesn’t it make sense to use the best kind of water if you want to brew the best cup of coffee?

Your Options

Generally speaking, you only have a few options when choosing water for your coffee:

  • Filtered water
  • Tap water
  • Bottled water

These are the most common, as they are readily available in most places where you’ll prepare coffee. It’s easy to believe that the type of water doesn’t matter since it’s boiled anyway. However, this is the wrong approach. The kind of water you choose can affect the taste and aroma of your coffee.

Consider this: tap water contains more impurities, which can result in an acidic or metallic taste. Do you want that mixing with your high-quality coffee beans? 

Even if you have access to filtered water, it’s still important to check it for minerals. You don’t want to use either hard or soft water to make your coffee, as both can affect the taste. 

Tip: if you have to choose between hard and soft water, soft is the way to go. Hard water will affect the taste, but soft water is much less noticeable. 

Last, but certainly not least, consider the temperature of the water. For the perfect cup of coffee, you want the temperature to reach approximately 200 degrees. With a lower temperature, you may not generate as much flavor as you would like. Conversely, if the temperature is too high, the result is a burnt taste.

Before you brew your next cup of coffee, think long and hard about the water you’re using and the temperature it reaches.