How to Grind Coffee: A Guide to Properly Grinding Coffee

There are many critical steps to take on your quest to brew the perfect cup of coffee including how to grind coffee.

While it sounds simple and straightforward, grinding your coffee is easier said than done. Not because this is a difficult task, but because there are key steps you must take along the way.

Here are five tips to guide you:

1. Don’t Pre-Grind

Some people consider this the best way to save time, but it can take a toll on the overall taste and quality of your coffee. Ground coffee gets stale quicker than whole beans, so you never want to grind until you’re ready to brew.

Yes, it may be an inconvenience at times, but it’s well worth it in the long run.

2. Measure Your Beans

Consistency is the name of the game when grinding coffee. It’s important to measure your beans every time, even if you have a “good eye.”

With a kitchen scale on your counter, you never have to worry about accurately measuring your beans before you brew. You’ll always know exactly what you’re using, thus allowing you to remain consistent.

3. Grind Consistency

This comes down to one thing: the way you decide to brew your coffee. Consider the following:

  • Fine consistency: espresso or conical drip coffee makers
  • Medium consistency: flat-bottomed drip coffee makers
  • Coarse consistency: French press or percolators

4. Choose the Right Grinder

There is more than one type of grinder, so make sure you consider all your options.

The two primary methods of grinding are:

  • Blade grinder
  • Burr grinder

A blade grinder is similar to a blender, with blades at the bottom of the container spinning at a high rate of speed.

A burr grinder uses two cutting discs to grind coffee beans. The benefit of this type is the ability to adjust the burrs to achieve the desired consistency.

5. Manual or Automatic

Although manual grinders are the cheaper of the two options, automatic machines are more convenient and time efficient.

Experiment with both options to ensure that you’re using the one that’s right for you.